WAMP and Skype Conflict

WAMP and Skype Conflict

I discovered few months ago a conflict between WampServer/Xampp and Skype and thought of sharing this for references. You will notice a white screen will display on your browser when your run localhost on wamp this is because both softwares are using defaut port 80 which causes the conflict.

In order to fix this open your Skype:

Go to Tools->Options->Advanced Settings Tab->Connection

Uncheck the “Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections”

Then click save and restart your skype and wampserver, you should be able to use the softwares simultaneously without any conflict.


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  1. Good Answer. Me too giving 3 way solution for WAMP and Skype Conflict. See-> http://www.steptoinstall.com/install-both-wamp-and-skype-conflict-windows-3-ways.html

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