3D Photography

3D Photography

I personally love watching 3D films and I’m quite interested in 3D after I watched Avatar, Alice in wonderland & Megamind in IMAX. Seeing the movie is like you are in front of them, its amazing and im very much impressed on how 3D technology works.

The photos below are STEREOSCOPIC / 3D format, you can see that the images are a bit blurry sometimes its distracting into your eyes, and in order for you to view the images in 3D, you need a specialize red-cyan 3D anaglyph glass.

Don’t have a Anaglyph 3D glass? Get yourself a free pair of 3D glasses at Rainbow Symphony just send a post mail and hopefully you will receive it after 4 weeks, I have tried and received it.


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  2. Lenore Schroeder

    Macro Photography – Leaf Closeups. two thumbs up!

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